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Where to find us


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This will be a list of the various games Dawn Radio is a part of, and the servers (if any) we play on.
Other DJ's, please feel free to add the games you play, and the servers you play on.
Listeners, feel free to request games you want to see us on.

Champions Online
Star Trek Online
Neverwinter Online
Second Life
City of Heroes: Excelsior Server
Adventure Quest 3D: Blue Dragon Server
Lord of the Rings Online: Brandywine Server
Final Fantasy XIV: Goblin Server
World of Warcraft: US Wyrmrest Accord & EU Silvermoon (Both Horde and Alliance on these servers)
Star Wars: The Old Republic: Star Forge Server 

You can find me in CO/STO/NWO as @Dialam, CoH (villain side) and AQ3D as DJ Jester, FFXIV as Dj Jester, SWTOR (Imperial side) as J'ster, and LOTRO as Jesterious